String Art - Nativity

I love string art.  It seems to be becoming more and more popular.  I like the simplicity of it.  And most people of any age can do it.  My friend posted this picture of the Nativity that her son did - with string art.  Isn't it beautiful!?  I do not have a pattern for this particular design, but you could create one yourself (as with most string art designs).

This is a great activity idea for FHE, Relief Society Super Saturday, YW activities, YM activity, activity day girls, and more.

What will you make with string art?


*NEW* Facebook Group for YW Leaders

LDS Sunshine will be starting a few Facebook groups for organizations.  We've started with a YW Leader group.  Once we get the hang of it, we will start a Primary group, a RS group, and possibly more. 

If you are a YW leader and would like to ask questions, get activity ideas from others, share what you did for your last activity, etc... please join our new group!  Remember - it's new, so don't be afraid if there are only 2 members.  More will come!

Join our YW Leader group HERE.


Birthday set for the 2017 mutual theme

We have a great little birthday set for you - for the 2017 mutual theme!  It includes a mini-notebook, a gel pen, and a pocketcard. Birthday gifts made easy!!!

And what's even better???  It's only $1.95/each set!

The gel pen color is sent at random.  The inside of the mini-notebook is lined:

Order your SETS on our website HERE.


Thanksgiving Countdown Chart

How cute is this!?  I have the Halloween one and it is adorable - my kids love getting a piece of candy each day as the holiday nears.

This festively colored autumn Thanksgiving countdown advent pocket calendar is sure to be a favorite family tradition.  Tuck a note of gratitude (or small treat) into each pocket all month long.  In today's busy world we can all use a little quiet reflection.

You can get your Thanksgiving countdown chart HERE.

So cute and fun!!

LDS Gel Pens

LDS Gel Pens. What more do we need to say?!  A set for everybody!

Perfect for:
Scripture marking
Letter writing
And so much more!!

Sets available:
YW Values set
Missionary set
Noah's ark set
CTR princess set
2017 mutual theme glitter set
2017 mutual theme neon set
CTR stripling warrior set

You can order these on our website HERE.


Transfer picture to wood

This would be a fun activity for any age group.  I even think this would be fun for FHE.
The picture is printed on a b&w laser printer on plain paper.  

How to transfer a picture to wood.  LEARN HOW HERE.

Halloween Soap Dispenser

I needed to make a Halloween soap dispenser since I didn't already have one. I didn't have much time to make it so I didn't paint it (like our other holiday soap dispensers).  I found some purple soap (it was their "Halloween Collection" of soap) and used orange vinyl.

Here's what you will need:
1.  Vinyl decals.  I used the 2.5" size, in orange. You can order those HERE.
2.  Soap dispenser.

How to make:
1. Remove front soap label from bottle.  If adhesive stays, use GooGone to rub it off, then clean with warm soapy water. Dry well.
2. Apply vinyl to bottle.
3. Done!

These make great quick activity ideas, or easy for younger little ones to make. 

Happy Halloween!


Holiday Soap Dispensers

These holiday soap dispensers are perfect for the holidays!  They make fun, unique gifts for neighbors, leaders you serve with, visiting teachers, friends, family members, etc...  

These also make a perfect craft for your craft group since they are quite easy.
So easy, so adorable.  And you can do so many different designs with this concept.

Don't limit yourself to just use the designs shown.  Any decal we have that is small enough would work on these bottles. 

What you'll need:

1. VINYL DECAL. You can order the Christmas design on our website HERE.  You can order the love design on our website HERE. I used the 3-inch LOVE and the 4-inch Christmas.
2.  SOAP DISPENSER - You will need a liquid soap dispenser.  I like to buy ones that have fun shapes (the ones I used were Dial - the Christmas one is a foam soap dispenser).  You may want to buy these FIRST, so you can measure and see which size decal would work best for the size of bottle you have.
3.  Spray paint PRIMER for plastic items
4.  Spray paint in desired color.  I used red for the LOVE one, and white on the Christmas one.

How to make:
1. Remove labels from bottle on front and back. If the label leaves adhesive on the bottle, use WD40 or GooGone to remove it, then wash outside of bottle with warm soapy water to remove the greasy feel.  Dry off well.
2. Cover the dispenser part with masking tape to protect it while painting. Or you can remove it - I left mine on so I wouldn't spill the soap.
3. Spray the bottle with a spray paint PRIMER made for plastic items.  2 LIGHT coats is *WAY* better than one heavy coat!!  Let dry about 10-20 minutes (until it is not sticky to the touch).
4. Lightly spray with desired spray paint color. Remember - LIGHT coats are best.  Be sure to hold spray can about 10-12 inches away from soap bottle when spraying and keep the can moving from side to side.  Be sure to cover soap bottle completely with paint.
5. Allow first LIGHT coat to dry 10-20 minutes. 
6. Lightly spray again being sure to cover bottle completely.  This will probably be the last coat of paint you will need.  Let dry.
7. When paint is completely dry - at least 30 minutes in a warm room - apply vinyl lettering to bottle.
8. That's it.  Enjoy!

Stand ye in holy places wood block

This is a simple craft - with a big message.

How to make your temple wood block:
1. You will need the vinyl sticker from our website - CLICK HERE to order. It is a 5"x5" b&w vinyl sticker.
2.  You will need the wood block.  Cut these from a 2"x6" piece of wood from your local hardware store.  Cut the pieces the same length as the height of the board (these boards are actually about 1.5"x5.5" - so make sure your final cut block is about 5.5"x5.5").
3. Paint - I used black.
4. Mod podge

Sand wood block, rounding the edges slightly.
Paint wood.  Let dry.
Place sticker, smooth out any bubbles.
Apply a light coat of mod podge over entire front of block.  Let dry.

These make great crafts for Relief Society Super Saturdays, YW or Activity Day activity, or even a craft at girls camp.


Tissue Box Cover

This is such an easy craft! The hardest part (once you have all the supplies) is deciding which pictures to use, and what color of vinyl will coordinate the best. Seriously! You'll love how easy this is to make.

You will need:
1. Paper mache tissue box cover - 5"x5". I bought mine at a local craft store. They are also available online here, and here. Or just search "paper mache tissue box cover" and you may find other websites that sell them.
2. Paint and sponge paint brush (since you are painting "paper" the sponge brushes work best). 
3. Four - 4"x4" pictures. These are cut from 4"x6" pictures. It will look best if you order the MATTE or LUSTER finish on your photos. Not glossy!
4. Adhesive spray - you can buy this at most office stores, and even some craft stores (this is used to attach pictures onto box).  You can use glue sticks or mod podge to glue your pictures onto the box, but with adhesive spray you are less likely to get any rippling effect like you do with glue.
5. Mod podge.  To seal vinyl and pictures on box. 
6. The Family Picture Block vinyl words from our website HERE. I used light brown vinyl lettering.
How to make:
1. Paint paper mache tissue box cover. I used black paint. You will want to paint it twice. Let it dry completely in between coats of paint.

2. Once paint is dry, spray back of photos (one at a time) with the adhesive spray, and place your photos on your box where you want them. Be careful, once you stick the pictures onto the box, they will not move, so place carefully.
3. Once all four pictures are glued onto box, apply the vinyl words. You will over lap the pictures with the vinyl lettering - this is okay - and actually looks best.

4.  Apply a light coat of mod podge to entire box.  This will seal in the vinyl and pictures so they don't come off.  This also protects the pictures from fingerprints. 

5. You're done. See how easy that was?
These make great gifts for in-laws, grandparents, teachers desks, bishop's, and others.

Family Picture Block

We love our family words made from vinyl.
We also love family picture blocks - so we combined the two.
Here is how to make a family picture block:

1. Order the vinyl lettering from our website HERE.
2. You will need wood blocks. We used 3.5" wood blocks, cut from a 4x4 beam from the hardware store. 
3. Paint your blocks.
4. Let paint dry.
5. When paint is dry, lightly sand blocks again, sanding more around the edges, so it gives it a roughed up look.
6. Apply pictures (3-inch square pictures) and vinyl lettering to your blocks. If you want the lettering to overlap a picture, apply picture first, then vinyl.  HINT: Apply pictures to your block using spray adhesive.  This can be bought at most craft stores, and even Wal*Mart - the brand isn't important.  They all seem to work fine.
7. Apply a THIN layer of mod podge over vinyl lettering and pictures (If you plan on stacking your blocks, DO NOT mod podge the tops/bottoms of the blocks or else they will stick to each other). Let dry.
8. All done!

We love making picture tissue box covers, too.  For instructions on how to make these, CLICK HERE. 


Glass Etching A Pan

I love having my name on the bottom or the side of my glass pans.  I'm able to take them to events and everyone knows who the pan needs to go home with.  These decals work on the bottom or side of most glass pans.  The 1.25"x5" decal works well on glass pie pans, too.
These make great wedding or Christmas gifts, activity idea for youth (so they have a pan to take with them to college), or just to have at your house.  If you like to offer a FREE craft project at a group craft day - like Relief Society - this is a good one for that since the cost if relatively low, when they provide their own glass pan.

Here's how to make one.

You will need:
1. A glass pan - 8x8 or 9x13.  I never use PYREX pans for etching, because for some reason, not all their glass pans etch, so I always use Anchor Hocking pans.

2. Glass etching cream. Here is the kind I use.  I have a big bottle (22-oz), but if you only plan to etch one or two pans, a small bottle is great.  You can buy this at some craft stores.  If I can't find it locally, I buy it online.  Search around for the best value.

3. Vinyl decal of your name from LDS Sunshine. CLICK HERE to order.

4. A small paint brush

5. Additional masking tape

Here's how to etch your pan:
1.  Buy the vinyl decal from LDS Sunshine.  It will come to you INVERTED - ready for glass etching.

2.  Apply the decal to your pan where you want it.

3.  Tape around the decal to protect the remaining glass from the etching cream

4.  Apply the cream to the decal.  Make sure you get every little corner.  Looking thru the cream from the back side up against a light, you can see any spots you missed. 

5.  Let cream sit for 10 minutes on pan.

6.  Rinse cream off with warm water (etching is hard to see when glass is wet.  Dry off pan and you will see the etching).

7.  Remove vinyl from pan.

8.  Done.  Now wasn't that easy?

**If you are not sure if your glass pan will etch or not, try a small dab (as shown in picture) of etching cream on a corner of the bottom of the pan, let it sit for a few minutes and wipe it off.  If it is etched, you're good to go (see the small patch of etched glass in picture on the right?).  If it doesn't etch, get a different brand of glass pan.  None on my PYREX pans will etch.  *The glass etching cream starts to work the moment it is on the glass, so if you leave it on for just a few minutes, and it still isn't etching, longer won't help.  Get a different pan.


Halloween sign - Witch, cat and brew

At our house we are all about fun Halloween decor.  We do not like the scary stuff.  This design was perfect for us.  My daughter loves the purple sparkly glitter effect.

Here is how to make it:
1. You'll need a piece of wood slightly larger than the vinyl decal you order.  
2. Order the vinyl decal from our website HEREShown in brushed silver.
3. Paint or stain the wood. I only stained my mdf wood with ebony (black) stain. I wanted to try it without paint and I like how it looks. Allow to dry (stain will take longer to dry.  If using stain, you could apply the vinyl to the unstained wood, then stain it, then quickly wipe the stain off the vinyl).
4. Apply vinyl decal. **On my sign, the way it looks is by default. I thought I messed up on mine so I tried to sand off the vinyl decal - well, it didn't sand off, it just roughed up the vinyl a little bit - so I decided to just go with that and it turned out great!** I will have to remember that "technique" for future projects.  (I do not advocate sanding vinyl decals, but this one time - it worked!)
5. To get the glitter effect, I sprayed the board with a clear/matte finishing spray.  Working quickly - sprinkle glitter lightly all over board (before spray dries). The glitter will stick to the spray and hold it in place.  You could spray a coat on top of the glitter, as well, if you wanted.
6. Wrap wire thru holes and curl with needle-nosed pliers. 


Halloween Sign - Pumpkins, Pumpkins, Pumpkins

Here is another great Halloween design!  I love how it turned out!

Here is how to make it:

1. You will need the vinyl decal, available here. You'll need a piece of wood to fit the size of vinyl you order.  I used the 2.5"x22.5" size.  My board is about 3.5"x23.5".  
2. Paint the wood orange. Allow to dry. Sand edges to make it look "roughed up" (you'll also need to sand the edges so the stain can turn the edges black).
3. Apply vinyl. Be sure to measure from the same letter on both sides (measure the p's or the k's, for example).
4. Quickly rub stain all over wood and vinyl. Then rub with a clean paper towel to wipe off access stain and to lighten the stain on the wood. I used ebony colored stain (black), so it looks more Halloween-y.
5. Hang for Halloween.


We've been boo-ed!

This would be a fun activity to start with your Activity Day girls or the young women or young men!  For an activity - simply take a plate a goodies to a few houses, with this fun sign w/instructions.  Then watch it progress through the ward/neighborhood.

If you've never seen it before - you basically get a plate of goodies anonymously left at your door (or you are the one who starts it by leaving a plate of goodies on a neighbor's porch).  You hang up this sign letting others know you've already received one.  You then take a plate of goodies to another neighbor (along with a sign for them).  Then it continues until all the houses in your neighborhood have been "boo-ed".

You can get this cute BOO sign HERE.

Homemade Febreze

I received a travel size Febreze in my Christmas stocking last year.  It sat on my dresser for months until I figured out I wanted it in my car! I love freshening up the car after I take a car load of kids somewhere, or in the middle of a road trip.  Or when I'm asked to drive last minute - I can quickly freshen up the car.  

When it ran out I wondered if I could just refill it?  I searched for homemade recipes online.  After tweeking them a little, I created the perfect recipe to use!

Here is my recipe (for a travel size bottle):
1/4 cup + 2 Tbsp water
3/4 tsp baking soda
3/4 - 1 1/2 tsp fabric softener (more for more scent)
Mix together in a cup.  Pour into travel size spray bottle.  Shake slightly before each use.

Here is my recipe (for a mid-full size spray bottle):
1 1/2 cups water
1 Tbsp baking soda
1-2 Tbsp fabric softener (more for more scent)
Mix together in the spray bottle.  Shake slightly before each use.

You can use any fabric softener you desire.  I like how each time I make this - it can be a different smell. Lightly spray on any cloth item - rug, seats, furniture, clothing, etc...

Personal Progress Achievement Charm Bracelet

I wanted something to give to my girls as they worked on Personal Progress.  Something that would encourage them, but also something they would treasure for years beyond young women.  A charm bracelet was perfect!  I also wanted something that was affordable.  I think I've achieved my goals!

What each charm represents and stands for:
FAITH - faith charm, self explanatory
DIVINE NATURE - crown, w/princess.  Because they are all daughters of God, and are princesses.
INDIVIDUAL WORTH - snow flake.  Each snowflake is different, as are we.
KNOWLEDGE - owl.  Owls have long been a symbol of knowledge and education (you even have a choice to have a silver owl like the rest of the charms, or a green one).
CHOICE & ACCOUNTABILITY - CTR.  You have to choose for yourself, and hopefully you will choose correctly.
GOOD WORKS - heart.  We serve others because we love them.  We show love by serving others.
INTEGRITY - torch.  The torch represents the YW torch to stand for truth and righteousness. Integrity is doing what's right even if no one is watching - standing up for our values in all circumstances.
VIRTUE - Book of Mormon.  The value project for virtue is to read the Book of Mormon.

You can order this on our website HERE.


Church Launches Suicide Prevention Website

For those needing this resource - you are not alone.  We've had a family member commit suicide.  I have a friend who committed suicide.  The reasons are many, but the pain is the same. 

News release about the Church's Suicide Prevention website is HERE.

The actual website is HERE.



2017 mutual theme lip balm tins

Our lip balm tins are back for 2017!!  These make great birthday presents, or for a handout anytime.  Lip balm is essential at camp.  These are just perfect for anytime!

Order on our website HERE.

Full scripture on back!

 Our 2017 mutual theme pocketcard and bookmark both have the full scripture on the back! 

Order yours today on the LDS Sunshine website.  CLICK HERE.


Cousins Day

This past summer my kids really wanted to have a day with the cousins that are close to us.  So they planned a cousins day.  They planned the activities, the food/snacks, location, etc.  We even made shirts for all of us to be matchy-matchy (you'll notice one older child and her buddy have red shirts, while the rest of us have orange.  Her buddy loves Spider Man so she made his/hers special).  And of course we brought our dog along just for fun.  Each older child/adult had a little buddy to keep track of, so we gave everyone matching wristbands with their buddy, so they always knew who they had to keep tabs on.

Here is what we did:
1. Gathered, handed out shirts (this was a fun surprise for the cousins).
2. Painted rocks (we were in the mountains).
3. Snack - pudding and Jello cups
4. Water balloon toss, water gun fight
5. Lunch-sandwiches, chips, fruits, veggies, cookies, Capri-sun, Koolaid twistups
6. Hike, nature scavenger hunt
7. Snack - otter pops
8. Shooting ping pong balls off of golf tees with water gun
9. Frisbee, free time, Rice Krispie treats
10. Home.

It was such a fun day.  When they were being picked up we heard more than one say to their mom "best day ever!". We hope to continue this tradition every year or two.


2017 real hero posters calendar

Real Hero Posters has some amazing art.  They have finally put some of it into a calendar to enjoy all year long!  You'll love this calendar for any room of your house.  Each month you'll get a new and beautiful reminder of what is really important.  I love this calendar!  These make great gifts!

** Please note that these are only available for a limited time, so get yours while you can! Think ahead to Christmas. **

Order on our website HERE.


Girls Camp thank you from RS

When I returned home from Girls Camp this note was on my door.

Seriously - this was the best gift anyone could have give me upon returning home from camp. I've gone to camp countless numbers of times, and have never had a RS presidency do this before.  It was pure genius! Thank you sweet ladies for absolutely making my whole week!

See yourself in the temple vinyl decal

Our See yourself in the Temple vinyl decal has been one of our most popular for the past 5 years.  Many people order it with the mirror paper that we offer (in drop-down menu).  This is a great alternative to putting it on an actual mirror.  And we like how they look in COLORS!

To make this craft with mirror paper, simply apply the decal onto the think mirror paper.  You can punch holes in the top and add ribbon for hanging if you'd like.  Done!  Wasn't that easy?!?! These literally take 2 minutes to complete (if applying to mirror paper).

We also love how these look on wood plaques.

Shown in pictures:
Top picture:
Payson temple
On mirror paper (temple/color):
SLC front view/mint
Laie HI/grey
Brigham City/orange.

You can order the vinyl decal, as well as the mirror paper, on our website HERE.

2017 young women leader planning calendar

Our YW leader planning calendars are a must have for YW leaders year after year.  This year is no exception.  The simplistic layout, yet effective format makes this a favorite of many. Take a peek inside at its pages.  Quantity discounts are available on these.   These are IN STOCK and ready to ship. You can order your calendar on our website HERE.


Santa's Phone Number

Heard about this today.  Tried it.  It is so cute.  How fun for a little child to call and hear Santa talk to them.  Try it.  It actually works.  I want to thank the company or person who set this up.  What a fun thing to keep the Christmas magic alive. 


Away in a manger shadow box

How to make your Away in a Manger Shadow Box:

You will need:
* Shadow Box
* Raffia
* Paper (I used wood plank looking paper.  You can use what you want).
* Vinyl Decal - available HERE on our website LDS Sunshine
      Vinyl decal comes in the following sizes for shadow boxes sizes: for 5x7, for 8x10, & for 11x14.

1.  Cut vinyl decal into two pieces - manger as one piece, and words as another (keeping all the words together as they came - as one piece).

2.  Apply the manger to the paper.  I put it right down flush with the bottom of the paper.

3.  Apply the words Away in a Manger to the outside of the glass.  I put it towards the top of the glass, where I thought it looked the best (put the paper inside the frame so you have a reference of where the manger will be in relation to the words.
**You can leave the decal as one piece and apply the whole thing onto the paper - I like the dimension it gives applying the manger to the paper - and the words to the glass.

4.  Cut several pieces of straight raffia.  Use as much as you think you need.  I probably have 20-30 pieces in mine.

5.  Lay frame down so glass side is down.  Put raffia into frame.  Attach the paper to your shadow box backing - most are padded.  I just used the pins that came with it.  Put backing into frame.  Done!

Visit our website for lots of other great Christmas vinyl decals.

2017 mutual theme SOCKS!

Our 2017 mutual theme SOCKS are in stock and ready to ship!  We love the bright, fun, happy colors!
As you can see from our theme products we are focusing on three highlights from the mutual theme scripture - If any of you lack wisdom let him ASK of God. 

When ordering - please be aware: if you are ordering 3 pairs or less, you can pick your sock color.  If you are ordering 4 or more pairs, you cannot choose your sock color, a variety of colors will be sent automatically.  You can choose the word you want on your socks - ASK, PRAY, or FAITH.  All of which are focus points of the 2017 mutual theme scripture. 

You can order 2017 mutual theme socks HERE.


Garden/House Lantern - Night Light

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You can CLICK HERE to see it!

Young Women Torch Lantern

This post is now on our NEW blog which is on our new website.

You can CLICK HERE to see the post.

Temple Paper Box

We've moved this blog post to our NEW BLOG on our new website.
You can see it here: CLICK HERE

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