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Box Lunch Social

This is a fun activity to do with Laurels & Priests.  It's called Box Lunch Social.  Have each girl bring a sack lunch, pizza, or whatever, for two. The boys earn "money" by answering trivia questions (they each can start with $50 in case they don't answer any questions).  The leaders then auction off the baskets one at a time - not knowing who's box lunch is who's.  Then the boy, and the girl who brought that box lunch, eat it together. You may have to pair up girls to bring items if there are more girls than boys, and visa versa. (Thanks for the idea, Stacie S.)

Sharing Information

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Teaching About Tools

In today's crafty society, it is a wise idea to teach your children about tools. This would make a great class activity. You may want to see if it can be applied to any of the YW PP goals or YM Duty to God goals - maybe about learning a new skill. It may also be something that one person may need to pursue a career or hobby that can earn income one day for their future family.
Simply bring a box of tools - include hand tools (hammer, pliers, file, wrench, c-clamps, etc...) and power tools (palm sander, drill, etc...). One at a time, pull a tool out of the box, and tell about that tool - tell about it's functions and purpose. Include in the box some safety equipment for working with tools - eye protection, ear (sound) protection, and work gloves.
Here is a little tool safety quiz - throughout the activity, teach tool safety, then give them this quiz to see if they were listening. 
You may want to follow up with your next activity being a craft that they have to build. You can find several ideas online - just search for easy wood projects, or kids wood crafts, etc...
You may want to take it one step further, and plan a visit to someones home that may have a lot of power tools and have a mini class on how to use a table saw, drill press, router, etc...

FHE Lessons

LDS Living Magazine has - online - a nice collection of FHE lessons.  These are great lessons to teach, or that your YW can teach to their families.  Here is the link.


Simple Obedience

Obedience.  It's quite simple really.  You simply obey what you are told or taught.  Not much to it.  Until you don't obey.

My daughter has wanted a Wubble Bubble Ball for a while now.  They are sold out everywhere and very hard to find!  They're even sold out on their own website.

While running errands, I ran across a few that were actually in stock at a store (sunshine moment!).  I couldn't believe it.  I bought my daughter one.  We played with it lots yesterday.  It was fun.  This morning she wanted to take it over to the park - so she could play with it in a larger area.  Pine trees line the edge of the park.  As she was walking out the door I kindly reminded her to NOT let it touch the pine trees.  It would pop it.

Five minutes later she was back in the house with a popped ball.   She let it hit a pine tree.

Simple obedience.  It's simple really.  You simply obey what you are told or taught.

Feeling Wanted

Have you ever felt not wanted?  Not needed?  I have.  I am not a depressed person.  I am not a "pity party for me" type of person.  I am usually very happy and light hearted.

Sometime in everyone's life - we will feel a little unwanted.  From my experience - let me give you some pointers on how to treat people - anytime.  All of us want to feel needed, wanted.  It is a normal human being feeling.  This is what keeps us going.  Someone needs us.  Someone wants us.  If we don't feel this way, we tend to slip into a dark place, which for some - never come out of.  I have known people who have gone to this dark place, and now I will never see them again.  It is very sad, but such a reality for some.

I have two pointers to help you help everyone feel wanted:

1.  If you are working with a group of people - for whatever reason - be sure you ask everyone's opinion, and don't bash those opinions.  Most of the time we don't always need to be right, but we do always want to be heard.  Everyone usually has a thought of how something might go.  Even if someone's opinion isn't what is finally decided upon, ask it anyways.  Everyone needs a chance to be heard.

2.  If you are offered service by someone - whether it is great or small - accept it.  The offering person would not have offered unless they really wanted to help.  Turning away service turns down a person's opportunity and willingness to help.  Even if you don't want the help, or think you need it, in some way, accept it.  That person probably needs a little extra boost in their life - and serving others is one way to do that.  If their service is never accepted, they think they are worthless, and never needed or wanted.

Everyone needs to be loved.  Everyone needs to feel wanted.  Everyone wants to be heard.  Open up your own generosity door and let these people in.   I'm not saying this is easy - it is way easier to give service than to receive it.  But, when you look back, you will have grown because of it.

Now - go help someone be happier today!  Spread some SUNSHINE!

Gird Up Your Loins

This made me giggle.  Maybe more than I should have.  You read about this in the scriptures often.  Just funny!

Original link HERE.

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