Feeling Wanted

Have you ever felt not wanted?  Not needed?  I have.  I am not a depressed person.  I am not a "pity party for me" type of person.  I am usually very happy and light hearted.

Sometime in everyone's life - we will feel a little unwanted.  From my experience - let me give you some pointers on how to treat people - anytime.  All of us want to feel needed, wanted.  It is a normal human being feeling.  This is what keeps us going.  Someone needs us.  Someone wants us.  If we don't feel this way, we tend to slip into a dark place, which for some - never come out of.  I have known people who have gone to this dark place, and now I will never see them again.  It is very sad, but such a reality for some.

I have two pointers to help you help everyone feel wanted:

1.  If you are working with a group of people - for whatever reason - be sure you ask everyone's opinion, and don't bash those opinions.  Most of the time we don't always need to be right, but we do always want to be heard.  Everyone usually has a thought of how something might go.  Even if someone's opinion isn't what is finally decided upon, ask it anyways.  Everyone needs a chance to be heard.

2.  If you are offered service by someone - whether it is great or small - accept it.  The offering person would not have offered unless they really wanted to help.  Turning away service turns down a person's opportunity and willingness to help.  Even if you don't want the help, or think you need it, in some way, accept it.  That person probably needs a little extra boost in their life - and serving others is one way to do that.  If their service is never accepted, they think they are worthless, and never needed or wanted.

Everyone needs to be loved.  Everyone needs to feel wanted.  Everyone wants to be heard.  Open up your own generosity door and let these people in.   I'm not saying this is easy - it is way easier to give service than to receive it.  But, when you look back, you will have grown because of it.

Now - go help someone be happier today!  Spread some SUNSHINE!

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