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We're so happy you are visiting our blog.  We hope you are finding it useful and fun.

If you want to share (copy) these ideas on your blog or website you must respect us by doing a few things:
We are honored that you love our ideas. But - if you like what you see on the LDS Sunshine blog or website - and want to copy the ideas/photos - well, you can't. They are copyrighted to us (or linked/credited to original authors/creators). You can list the idea on your blog or website, but you must link back to the original post on this blog for your viewers to come to, to get the information. You understand copyright laws.
Please respect us as we do you.  If we have something that is infringing on someone else's copyright, please contact us and we will get it taken care of.  We will never do this knowingly.

If you simply want to share one of our blog posts on your Facebook feed, or another form of sharing with others, you can - as long as you share the original blog post link and link directly back to the post on this blog.  This is okay, and you do not need permission to share with others the great information you find here, as long as they will come here directly to get the information you are sharing.

Thanks! ~Vickie, Owner of LDS Sunshine

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