Teaching About Tools

In today's crafty society, it is a wise idea to teach your children about tools. This would make a great class activity. You may want to see if it can be applied to any of the YW PP goals or YM Duty to God goals - maybe about learning a new skill. It may also be something that one person may need to pursue a career or hobby that can earn income one day for their future family.
Simply bring a box of tools - include hand tools (hammer, pliers, file, wrench, c-clamps, etc...) and power tools (palm sander, drill, etc...). One at a time, pull a tool out of the box, and tell about that tool - tell about it's functions and purpose. Include in the box some safety equipment for working with tools - eye protection, ear (sound) protection, and work gloves.
Here is a little tool safety quiz - throughout the activity, teach tool safety, then give them this quiz to see if they were listening. 
You may want to follow up with your next activity being a craft that they have to build. You can find several ideas online - just search for easy wood projects, or kids wood crafts, etc...
You may want to take it one step further, and plan a visit to someones home that may have a lot of power tools and have a mini class on how to use a table saw, drill press, router, etc...

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