Turning Darkness Into Day

Have you ever had a bad day?  I have.  And sometimes these days are the days you are needed most - but feel you have nothing to give.  Satan is clever in using these type of days to his benefit.  Have you ever said NO! to Satan?  I hope so.

Yesterday when I walked into the Provo Temple, it was a gloomy day.  Light rain was just stopping.  The sky was grey and somewhat dark.  This is what I saw as I entered the temple (not edited in any way):

Here is what I saw as I left the temple later in the afternoon (not edited in any way):

The temple is a place of renewal.  You can enter it's doors feeling down and lonely.  Feeling like life is just so unfair.  But after being in the temple and having time to think, ponder, and to feel the Spirit, your life can - and will - be bright again!  Try it.  If you are a regular temple attendy or someone who makes it once every 2 years - go again.....soon!  I love the temple and the rejuvenation I get while I serve/attend there.

I love this verse from a favorite hymn:
    You can make the pathway bright,
    Fill the soul with heaven's light,
    If there's sunshine in your heart;
    Turning darkness into day,
    As the shadows fly away,
    If there's sunshine in your heart today.


Counsel From Home Teachers

 Two hands clasped together in prayer, resting on a couch cushion.

Last night we had our home teachers visit.  I love it when they come.

I consider our family very lucky - we have two very inspired Priesthood holders as our home teachers.  The messages and thoughts they share with our family are so perfect each month!

Last night they talked about praying for our children and letting Heavenly Father know what our desires are for them in their lives.  What a powerful message this was!  And for our personal circumstances right now - it was such an inspired topic to talk about and to counsel us on.  The examples they both shared from their own life experiences were touching and testifying.

I love our home teachers.  I am so grateful that they keep themselves worthy to feel the spirit and to teach by it when they enter our home each month.


Leaving the World Behind

It's amazing how entering the Lord's House can take away your burdens - even for a short time.  When I walked into the temple yesterday, I was very heavy laden.  I had some serious business issues on my mind - and frankly I really didn't want to work my shift at the temple.  But I got ready and went - not knowing how I would be able to focus at all during my shift.

As I walked up the sidewalk to the temple - it was glorious.  Spring was in full bloom.  The mountains behind it were breathtaking.  I was so thankful for the beauty surrounding me - and the diligent temple workers who groom the temple grounds on a daily basis.

As I approached the temple door, I really didn't want to be there.  I felt like, of all the days I needed to stay home, this was one of them.  I had so much on my mind that needed to be dealt with, I really didn't want to serve others.

Then the miracle happened. The instance I walked through the temple doors - it hit me like a ton of bricks.  There was an instant ease of mind as I entered the temple.  I actually looked around me to see what was really happening.  I instantly felt at peace and knew this is where I needed to be. My mind was instantly at peace.  I served my shift and home I went - with much more clarity of mind than that morning.  The miracle in the temple yesterday - was my own.

I love this scripture:
And now it came to pass that the burdens which were laid upon Alma and his brethren were made light; yea, the Lord did strengthen them that they could bear up their burdens with ease, and they did submit cheerfully and with patience to all the will of the Lord.
Mosiah 24:15


Prayers for Brethren

A couple weeks ago in the baptistry a woman came in with several female and male family names that needed to be done.  At the time there were several young ladies waiting to be baptized - and who could easily get her female names done.  Not one male was there.  One of the temple workers told her to pray for a young man to come in.  Not one minute later a tall young man came walking in - alone. We asked him if he would be willing to do her temple names.  We then told him what was happening just minutes before he came.  He was honored to be able to help this complete stranger.

When he was finished and about to leave, we introduced him to the woman for whom he did names for.  Both were emotional - especially the woman who completely understood that day in the temple her prayer had been answered - immediately.  And this young man left, undoubtedly not alone.

Family and Temple Names

The Lord's work is miraculous. Today in the baptistry two (2) unrelated individuals brought in family names with the same unique and distinct last name. There were a couple temple name lists with the same last name. Some may call it a coincidence. I do not. There is a joyous extended family reunion happening right now in heaven.


Old Young Women Medallions

If you're looking for the page to request an old young women medallion - you're in the right place. Except we have moved it all onto our NEW blog which is on our NEW website.

You can request a YW medallion HERE.

If you have any questions - please visit our new website HERE and send us a message via email or via the contact form. Thanks!


Earthly Trials

I'm going to announce something to the world that I may get a lot of slack from.  And here it is: some earthly trials really suck!  Most trials we go through in this earthly life are bearable - they come, we deal with them, we move on. Others - not so much.

I have a friend who is pregnant.  They recently found out that the baby has a hole in his heart, and he has Trisomy 18.  Babies with Trisomy 18 rarely make it to birth, and if they do, they only live a short time.  This is heart-wrenching news.  When I asked her how she was doing on Sunday, she said, "I'm good."  Really?  Because if I found out that my baby was most likely going to be stillborn, I would not be good.  I thought about her response. 

My thought is this: Are we really to a point in society where we have to mask our pain?  Let's be real for one minute.  No mother is "good" when she knows she will be burying a child.  No mother is "good" when she knows she may never hear that child cry.  No husband is "good" when his wife needs comforting and he doesn't know quite how to do that.  I think if we really let others know how we feel, it's okay.  When you are having a bad day, and someone asks how you are doing, say something like "this sucks!".  Because - let's be clear - when something like this jumps into your life - it does.

I love this passage by President Henry B Eyring:
Remember that when the Lord lets us encounter someone in distress, we honor the good Samaritan for what he did not do as much as for what he did. He did not pass by on the other side even though the beaten traveler on the road was a stranger and perhaps an enemy. He did what he could for the beaten man and then put in place a specific plan for others to do more. He did that because he understood that helping may require more than what one person can do.
Read this full article HERE.

Life is not easy.  Nor should we pretend that it is.  When our faith can make the eternal picture still be bright, even with losing a child, this in no way makes it easy here on earth.  We all have trials.  Some may be beyond our capacity and understanding.  When these extreme trials come into our lives, let's let others in and let them serve us. This is one of the hardest things to do - admit when we are not okay and letting others help. Serving others, and being served, is one of the great opportunities in this life to truly show charity and love for one another.

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