Prayers for Brethren

A couple weeks ago in the baptistry a woman came in with several female and male family names that needed to be done.  At the time there were several young ladies waiting to be baptized - and who could easily get her female names done.  Not one male was there.  One of the temple workers told her to pray for a young man to come in.  Not one minute later a tall young man came walking in - alone. We asked him if he would be willing to do her temple names.  We then told him what was happening just minutes before he came.  He was honored to be able to help this complete stranger.

When he was finished and about to leave, we introduced him to the woman for whom he did names for.  Both were emotional - especially the woman who completely understood that day in the temple her prayer had been answered - immediately.  And this young man left, undoubtedly not alone.

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