Turning Darkness Into Day

Have you ever had a bad day?  I have.  And sometimes these days are the days you are needed most - but feel you have nothing to give.  Satan is clever in using these type of days to his benefit.  Have you ever said NO! to Satan?  I hope so.

Yesterday when I walked into the Provo Temple, it was a gloomy day.  Light rain was just stopping.  The sky was grey and somewhat dark.  This is what I saw as I entered the temple (not edited in any way):

Here is what I saw as I left the temple later in the afternoon (not edited in any way):

The temple is a place of renewal.  You can enter it's doors feeling down and lonely.  Feeling like life is just so unfair.  But after being in the temple and having time to think, ponder, and to feel the Spirit, your life can - and will - be bright again!  Try it.  If you are a regular temple attendy or someone who makes it once every 2 years - go again.....soon!  I love the temple and the rejuvenation I get while I serve/attend there.

I love this verse from a favorite hymn:
    You can make the pathway bright,
    Fill the soul with heaven's light,
    If there's sunshine in your heart;
    Turning darkness into day,
    As the shadows fly away,
    If there's sunshine in your heart today.

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