Do it Better - Not Faster

We bought our home last summer.  The house was built in 1955.  Hasn't been updated.  Not once.  We have a lot to do to update and upgrade the home to what we want.  As my husband and I were making a master plan of what to do and when I said something that struck me.  I simply said - I would rather take longer and do it right, than to do it quick. 

As I thought about this - I thought how applicable this is to the Gospel.  How often do we whip through the Book of Mormon just to say we read it?  But did you?  Did you get out of it what you could have?  How often do we see Beehives earning their Young Womenhood Recognition award?  When in reality the Personal Progress program is meant to last all through your young women years. Did we just hurry through it just to get it done?  Or did we really get out of it what it is meant to teach us?

Doing it better is far better than doing it faster when it comes to remodeling homes, as well as in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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