The Unexpected

While serving in the Provo temple last Thursday, something very unexpected happened.  I had the opportunity to get to know a young lady more than we usually do.

She was next in line to be baptized.  She stepped into the font.  She goes under the water.  As she is coming up we notice her face is covered in blood.  She had gotten a bloody nose.  She is quickly helped out of the font.  Towels soaked in watered down blood.  We help her into the locker room where more towels are used, but to no cure.  Her bloody nose ended up lasting over 30 minutes.

She needed a ride home.  There was no way we were going to let her walk home - with what seemed to be tremendous blood loss.  Although she lives close, we wanted to make sure she was okay before we turned her over to her roommates to care for her.  It was nearing the end of the shift.  I offered to take her home.  She refused for about two seconds until she stood up and was light headed.  Luckily we keep some juice cans and crackers near by for this exact purpose.  We made sure she had some fluid and nutrition in her before we left.  While driving her home I made sure of a couple things: make sure she tells her parents about this so if it happens again soon, they will know something may be concerning about her health; make sure she took it easy for the rest of the day; and to ask her name.  Kate.  What a sweet young lady you are.  Return to the temple soon - we want to see you.

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