The "Chosen" Generation

We had an interesting conversation recently at girls camp.  While on the lake in canoes, the Camp Director was chatting with some of our older girls.  They mentioned how they do not like to be called "The Chosen Generation".  This kind of unnerved the camp director.  When she told me about it I simply said "I think they do not like being called that because they don't like the responsibility that comes with it."  I didn't think much about my response until she said how profound it was. 

I see a lot of youth struggle.  And rightfully so - they live in a cruel world.  A world of instant gratification.  They want things - right here, right now!  They don't want to wait for their testimony.  They don't want the struggle that precedes faith.  They don't want to develop it over time.  They want it now, and they want it to be like someone else's.

When I was growing up, we were referred to as the Rising Generation.  I was honored to be called this.  It made me strive to live up to that title.  It helped mold me into who I am today.

How can we help the youth of today realize that this title of the Chosen Generation is a wonderful thing?  It is a privilege to be called this and to be alive right now; to be the future of the Church.  I believe the long taught doctrine of simply living the gospel in its simplest form is the way.  The truth of doing what is right, obedience, taking of the sacrament, and so many other things, is the way to help them realize that they truly are the chosen generation - and they have the power and ability to do amazing things!

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