Full scripture on back!

 Our 2017 mutual theme pocketcard and bookmark both have the full scripture on the back! 

Order yours today on the LDS Sunshine website.  CLICK HERE.


Cousins Day

This past summer my kids really wanted to have a day with the cousins that are close to us.  So they planned a cousins day.  They planned the activities, the food/snacks, location, etc.  We even made shirts for all of us to be matchy-matchy (you'll notice one older child and her buddy have red shirts, while the rest of us have orange.  Her buddy loves Spider Man so she made his/hers special).  And of course we brought our dog along just for fun.  Each older child/adult had a little buddy to keep track of, so we gave everyone matching wristbands with their buddy, so they always knew who they had to keep tabs on.

Here is what we did:
1. Gathered, handed out shirts (this was a fun surprise for the cousins).
2. Painted rocks (we were in the mountains).
3. Snack - pudding and Jello cups
4. Water balloon toss, water gun fight
5. Lunch-sandwiches, chips, fruits, veggies, cookies, Capri-sun, Koolaid twistups
6. Hike, nature scavenger hunt
7. Snack - otter pops
8. Shooting ping pong balls off of golf tees with water gun
9. Frisbee, free time, Rice Krispie treats
10. Home.

It was such a fun day.  When they were being picked up we heard more than one say to their mom "best day ever!". We hope to continue this tradition every year or two.


2017 real hero posters calendar

Real Hero Posters has some amazing art.  They have finally put some of it into a calendar to enjoy all year long!  You'll love this calendar for any room of your house.  Each month you'll get a new and beautiful reminder of what is really important.  I love this calendar!  These make great gifts!

** Please note that these are only available for a limited time, so get yours while you can! Think ahead to Christmas. **

Order on our website HERE.


Girls Camp thank you from RS

When I returned home from Girls Camp this note was on my door.

Seriously - this was the best gift anyone could have give me upon returning home from camp. I've gone to camp countless numbers of times, and have never had a RS presidency do this before.  It was pure genius! Thank you sweet ladies for absolutely making my whole week!

See yourself in the temple vinyl decal


Our See yourself in the Temple vinyl decal has been one of our most popular for the past 5 years.  Many people order it with the mirror paper that we offer.  This is a great alternative to putting it on an actual mirror.  And we like how they look in COLORS!

To make this craft with mirror paper, simply apply the decal onto the think mirror paper.  You can punch holes in the top and add ribbon for hanging if you'd like.  Done!  Wasn't that easy?!?!

We also love how these look on wood plaques.

Shown in pictures:
Top picture:
Payson temple
On mirror paper (temple/color):
SLC front view/mint
Laie HI/grey
Brigham City/orange.

You can order the vinyl decal, as well as the mirror paper, on our website HERE.

2017 young women leader planning calendar

Our YW leader planning calendars are a must have for YW leaders year after year.  This year is no exception.  The simplistic layout, yet effective format makes this a favorite of many. Take a peek inside at its pages.  Quantity discounts are available on these.   These are IN STOCK and ready to ship. You can order your calendar on our website HERE.


Santa's Phone Number

Heard about this today.  Tried it.  It is so cute.  How fun for a little child to call and hear Santa talk to them.  Try it.  It actually works.  I want to thank the company or person who set this up.  What a fun thing to keep the Christmas magic alive. 


Away in a manger shadow box

How to make your Away in a Manger Shadow Box:

You will need:
* Shadow Box
* Raffia
* Paper (I used wood plank looking paper.  You can use what you want).
* Vinyl Decal - available HERE on our website LDS Sunshine
      Vinyl decal comes in the following sizes for shadow boxes sizes: for 5x7, for 8x10, & for 11x14.

1.  Cut vinyl decal into two pieces - manger as one piece, and words as another (keeping all the words together as they came - as one piece).

2.  Apply the manger to the paper.  I put it right down flush with the bottom of the paper.

3.  Apply the words Away in a Manger to the outside of the glass.  I put it towards the top of the glass, where I thought it looked the best (put the paper inside the frame so you have a reference of where the manger will be in relation to the words.
**You can leave the decal as one piece and apply the whole thing onto the paper - I like the dimension it gives applying the manger to the paper - and the words to the glass.

4.  Cut several pieces of straight raffia.  Use as much as you think you need.  I probably have 20-30 pieces in mine.

5.  Lay frame down so glass side is down.  Put raffia into frame.  Attach the paper to your shadow box backing - most are padded.  I just used the pins that came with it.  Put backing into frame.  Done!

Visit our website for lots of other great Christmas vinyl decals.

2017 mutual theme SOCKS!

Our 2017 mutual theme SOCKS are in stock and ready to ship!  We love the bright, fun, happy colors!
As you can see from our theme products we are focusing on three highlights from the mutual theme scripture - If any of you lack wisdom let him ASK of God. 

When ordering - please be aware: if you are ordering 3 pairs or less, you can pick your sock color.  If you are ordering 4 or more pairs, you cannot choose your sock color, a variety of colors will be sent automatically.  You can choose the word you want on your socks - ASK, PRAY, or FAITH.  All of which are focus points of the 2017 mutual theme scripture. 

You can order 2017 mutual theme socks HERE.


Garden/House Lantern - Night Light

I think these etched glass lanterns are so cute! These would make a great night light in a baby's room. Here are the instructions on how to make one.

Gather items you need: Glass jar (any size ranging from a baby food jar to a full size Mason jar), glass frosting spray paint (at any home improvement store), vinyl decal either a shape or you could even do words or a name, 
tea candles - either battery operated or flame, wire or ribbon for hanging.

Clean outside of jar so vinyl will stick to it. Apply vinyl to jar: 

In a well ventilated area, LIGHTLY and QUICKLY spray jar with frosting spray paint. You may want to do 2 LIGHT coats:


Once paint is dry (it will dry pretty quickly, usually within 10 minutes or so) peel vinyl decals off of jar (or you can keep them on - to get the CLEAR decal shape, you need to peel vinyl off). 

Wrap wire around top of jar and tighten down with needle nose pliers so jar does not fall out of wire while holding.

Put candles in bottom of jar and light carefully with a long match. Or use battery operated tea lights.

Have fun....and craft more!


Young Women Torch Lantern

To make your lantern:

1. Apply TORCH vinyl decal to jar (shown on a quart jar).  You can purchase these decals here.

2.  Using heavy gage wire and needle nosed pliers, tightly wrap wire around lip of jar and twist, curl, or whatever you would like, to make handle.  There is not one right way to do this.  You can curl the ends, or not.  You can make the handle part as long, or short as you would like.  (You do this step before spraying, because the wire will scrape the jar and scrape off the etching spray around the top of the jar).

3.  Spray glass jar completely with etching spray.  It is best to do 2-3 light coats of spray, rather than one heavy coat.  Don't worry - each coat dries in about 1 minute. You can buy this at any home improvement store in the spray paint aisle.

4.  When etching spray is completely dry, carefully remove decal (this is how you get the CLEAR torch - you CANNOT order the torch in clear vinyl).  Or if you order the decal in fun colors, you can leave the decal on.

5.  Use battery operated tea lights inside.

6.  For more detailed instructions, with step by step pictures, click here.

Temple Paper Box


We love our temple paper box.  Fill it with treats.  Put a small gift in it. Give it to a new Beehive with her torch necklace in it.  Fill it with fluff and use as a table display.  The possibilities are endless.  Did we tell you we love it?!?!

FINISHED FOLDED BOX is 3"x3" by 2" tall.  Temple sides extend 4" above box.  (So the temple sides are 6" tall total).

You can order it HERE.  It comes flat, but it's easy to fold up and glue together.

How to assemble:
1. With the temple flat, fold up the temple sides so the fold is UNDER the round knobs.  Fold up the straight sides so they are the same as the temple sides.
2. Fold the round knobs in so they are flush with the edge.
3. Fold the STRAIGHT edges in half - down to the base edge.
4. It should look something like this picture at this point:

5. Fold up all four sides and secure them to the round knobs.  Glue dots work well, a glue stick, or double sided tape. Secure well.  Should look like this (looking into box from the top):

6. Fold the folded in half straight sides in to form top of box.  Secure with tape or a sticker of some kind. You're done!
You can finish it off with any kind of ribbon.  Adorable!  ORDER HERE.


Our CTR green paper boxes are assembled the same way.  You can order those HERE.

Book - My Heavenly Father Loves Me


I simply *love* this Primary song.  I fell in love with this book the moment I saw it. And since it is a board book (6"x6"), it's sturdy in all those little hands.

It goes through the song, a line on each page (in order) and has adorable pictures to go with each line.  It is a beautifully illustrated book.  I just love it so much!

To order this board book on our website, CLICK HERE.


Simplified Primary Songs

Are you just learning how to play the piano?  Or do you love to play new music but need easier material?  The Church has made many Primary songs and the songs from the Friend magazine user friendly for all skill levels.  They have simplified many of them so all of us can learn to play!

You can get to the list HERE.

You can download a pdf for printing, listen to the song, or some even have a sing-along music video you can watch.

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