Garden/House Lantern - Night Light

I think these etched glass lanterns are so cute! These would make a great night light in a baby's room. Here are the instructions on how to make one.

Gather items you need: Glass jar (any size ranging from a baby food jar to a full size Mason jar), glass frosting spray paint (at any home improvement store), vinyl decal either a shape or you could even do words or a name, 
tea candles - either battery operated or flame, wire or ribbon for hanging.

Clean outside of jar so vinyl will stick to it. Apply vinyl to jar: 

In a well ventilated area, LIGHTLY and QUICKLY spray jar with frosting spray paint. You may want to do 2 LIGHT coats:


Once paint is dry (it will dry pretty quickly, usually within 10 minutes or so) peel vinyl decals off of jar (or you can keep them on - to get the CLEAR decal shape, you need to peel vinyl off). 

Wrap wire around top of jar and tighten down with needle nose pliers so jar does not fall out of wire while holding.

Put candles in bottom of jar and light carefully with a long match. Or use battery operated tea lights.

Have fun....and craft more!


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