Young Women Torch Lantern

To make your lantern:

1. Apply TORCH vinyl decal to jar (shown on a quart jar).  You can purchase these decals here.

2.  Using heavy gage wire and needle nosed pliers, tightly wrap wire around lip of jar and twist, curl, or whatever you would like, to make handle.  There is not one right way to do this.  You can curl the ends, or not.  You can make the handle part as long, or short as you would like.  (You do this step before spraying, because the wire will scrape the jar and scrape off the etching spray around the top of the jar).

3.  Spray glass jar completely with etching spray.  It is best to do 2-3 light coats of spray, rather than one heavy coat.  Don't worry - each coat dries in about 1 minute. You can buy this at any home improvement store in the spray paint aisle.

4.  When etching spray is completely dry, carefully remove decal (this is how you get the CLEAR torch - you CANNOT order the torch in clear vinyl).  Or if you order the decal in fun colors, you can leave the decal on.

5.  Use battery operated tea lights inside.

6.  For more detailed instructions, with step by step pictures, click here.

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