Family Picture Block

We love our family words made from vinyl.
We also love family picture blocks - so we combined the two.
Here is how to make a family picture block:

1. Order the vinyl lettering from our website HERE.
2. You will need wood blocks. We used 3.5" wood blocks, cut from a 4x4 beam from the hardware store. 
3. Paint your blocks.
4. Let paint dry.
5. When paint is dry, lightly sand blocks again, sanding more around the edges, so it gives it a roughed up look.
6. Apply pictures (3-inch square pictures) and vinyl lettering to your blocks. If you want the lettering to overlap a picture, apply picture first, then vinyl.  HINT: Apply pictures to your block using spray adhesive.  This can be bought at most craft stores, and even Wal*Mart - the brand isn't important.  They all seem to work fine.
7. Apply a THIN layer of mod podge over vinyl lettering and pictures (If you plan on stacking your blocks, DO NOT mod podge the tops/bottoms of the blocks or else they will stick to each other). Let dry.
8. All done!

We love making picture tissue box covers, too.  For instructions on how to make these, CLICK HERE. 

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