Personal Progress Achievement Charm Bracelet

I wanted something to give to my girls as they worked on Personal Progress.  Something that would encourage them, but also something they would treasure for years beyond young women.  A charm bracelet was perfect!  I also wanted something that was affordable.  I think I've achieved my goals!

What each charm represents and stands for:
FAITH - faith charm, self explanatory
DIVINE NATURE - crown, w/princess.  Because they are all daughters of God, and are princesses.
INDIVIDUAL WORTH - snow flake.  Each snowflake is different, as are we.
KNOWLEDGE - owl.  Owls have long been a symbol of knowledge and education (you even have a choice to have a silver owl like the rest of the charms, or a green one).
CHOICE & ACCOUNTABILITY - CTR.  You have to choose for yourself, and hopefully you will choose correctly.
GOOD WORKS - heart.  We serve others because we love them.  We show love by serving others.
INTEGRITY - torch.  The torch represents the YW torch to stand for truth and righteousness. Integrity is doing what's right even if no one is watching - standing up for our values in all circumstances.
VIRTUE - Book of Mormon.  The value project for virtue is to read the Book of Mormon.

You can order this on our website HERE.

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