Tissue Box Cover

This is such an easy craft! The hardest part (once you have all the supplies) is deciding which pictures to use, and what color of vinyl will coordinate the best. Seriously! You'll love how easy this is to make.

You will need:
1. Paper mache tissue box cover - 5"x5". I bought mine at a local craft store. They are also available online here, and here. Or just search "paper mache tissue box cover" and you may find other websites that sell them.
2. Paint and sponge paint brush (since you are painting "paper" the sponge brushes work best). 
3. Four - 4"x4" pictures. These are cut from 4"x6" pictures. It will look best if you order the MATTE or LUSTER finish on your photos. Not glossy!
4. Adhesive spray - you can buy this at most office stores, and even some craft stores (this is used to attach pictures onto box).  You can use glue sticks or mod podge to glue your pictures onto the box, but with adhesive spray you are less likely to get any rippling effect like you do with glue.
5. Mod podge.  To seal vinyl and pictures on box. 
6. The Family Picture Block vinyl words from our website HERE. I used light brown vinyl lettering.
How to make:
1. Paint paper mache tissue box cover. I used black paint. You will want to paint it twice. Let it dry completely in between coats of paint.

2. Once paint is dry, spray back of photos (one at a time) with the adhesive spray, and place your photos on your box where you want them. Be careful, once you stick the pictures onto the box, they will not move, so place carefully.
3. Once all four pictures are glued onto box, apply the vinyl words. You will over lap the pictures with the vinyl lettering - this is okay - and actually looks best.

4.  Apply a light coat of mod podge to entire box.  This will seal in the vinyl and pictures so they don't come off.  This also protects the pictures from fingerprints. 

5. You're done. See how easy that was?
These make great gifts for in-laws, grandparents, teachers desks, bishop's, and others.

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