Birthday set for the 2017 mutual theme

We have a great little birthday set for you - for the 2017 mutual theme!  It includes a mini-notebook, a gel pen, and a pocketcard. Birthday gifts made easy!!!

And what's even better???  It's only $1.95/each set!

The gel pen color is sent at random.  The inside of the mini-notebook is lined:

Order your SETS on our website HERE.


Thanksgiving Countdown Chart

How cute is this!?  I have the Halloween one and it is adorable - my kids love getting a piece of candy each day as the holiday nears.

This festively colored autumn Thanksgiving countdown advent pocket calendar is sure to be a favorite family tradition.  Tuck a note of gratitude (or small treat) into each pocket all month long.  In today's busy world we can all use a little quiet reflection.

You can get your Thanksgiving countdown chart HERE.

So cute and fun!!

LDS Gel Pens

LDS Gel Pens. What more do we need to say?!  A set for everybody!

Perfect for:
Scripture marking
Letter writing
And so much more!!

Sets available:
YW Values set
Missionary set
Noah's ark set
CTR princess set
2017 mutual theme glitter set
2017 mutual theme neon set
CTR stripling warrior set

You can order these on our website HERE.


Transfer picture to wood

This would be a fun activity for any age group.  I even think this would be fun for FHE.
The picture is printed on a b&w laser printer on plain paper.  

How to transfer a picture to wood.  LEARN HOW HERE.

Halloween Soap Dispenser

I needed to make a Halloween soap dispenser since I didn't already have one. I didn't have much time to make it so I didn't paint it (like our other holiday soap dispensers).  I found some purple soap (it was their "Halloween Collection" of soap) and used orange vinyl.

Here's what you will need:
1.  Vinyl decals.  I used the 2.5" size, in orange. You can order those HERE.
2.  Soap dispenser.

How to make:
1. Remove front soap label from bottle.  If adhesive stays, use GooGone to rub it off, then clean with warm soapy water. Dry well.
2. Apply vinyl to bottle.
3. Done!

These make great quick activity ideas, or easy for younger little ones to make. 

Happy Halloween!

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