Working on the Sabbath

Working on Sunday.  I grew up being taught that you don't work on Sunday.  It was something that I really didn't have an issue with.  I was a teenager.  Of course I wasn't working on Sunday.

Now that I am an adult, I find my husband's job and even my own occasionally, pulling us out to work on a Sunday.  For my husband, he doesn't have a choice.  His career choice demands he occasionally work on Sundays.  Mine on the other hand - I find myself sitting down at my computer to work on a new design, or answer some emails when I have some free time on Sundays. I find it relaxing.

It's been 20 years since I was a teenager.  Times have changed. Occupations have changed.  Hours of operations for many businesses have changed.  This change requires many people to work on Sunday.  The Holy Sabbath. But how do we accept this new time that often requires us to work on Sunday?

A few months ago we had a family member needing some help.  It was on a Sunday. We were sitting in Sacrament meeting when we got the text asking us if we could help.  My husband and I didn't hesitate.  We told our kids what was needed, and they could stay at church, or come with us.  They all chose to come with us to help.  After we were finished helping, we were discussing it.  It was such a great feeling to know that sometimes instead of being at church learning how to be Christlike, we need to go and be Christlike.  This was a huge, kind-of-but-not-so-much, an eye opening experience.  We related this to how some people have to work on Sunday.

This experience and discussion has really blessed our family, and helped us understand that sometimes when we do get pulled away from the home on Sunday to work, or to do whatever is needed, it's okay.  You will still be blessed, and you can still learn about the Savior, even if you aren't sitting in a pew.

There is a wonderful article on about working on the Sabbath.  CLICK HERE to read it.

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