We're MOVING!!

** UPDATED JUNE 20, 2017: We still do not have our belongings in Hawaii.  We hope to be up and running by the end of June, but honestly are unsure at this point.  Updates will be posted here if this occurs earlier, or if it will take longer.  Getting our belongings to us has taken much longer than we expected.  We are still trying to be patient (which isn't easy....). And we are still living out of a hotel room. 

 ** UPDATED MAY 18, 2017: Our shipping department is now CLOSED until mid-June.  We do not have an exact date when we will be up and running again.  You can email us if you have questions about timing (we may be slow to respond during this time). **

Orders can still be placed on our website, but they WILL NOT SHIP until we are all set up in Hawaii. 

We're relocating our family for a few years.  My husband accepted an amazing job offer in Hawaii. This means we get to soak up the sun daily.  I am taking my business with me - so I need to pack it up. Moving to Hawaii is no easy task.  Nor is it quick.

Our shipping department will need to close for a few weeks so I can get everything packed up, loaded on a barge, and on its way to Hawaii. You can still place orders on our website during this closing time, but they will not ship until at least after June 12 (we do not know an exact date of when we will be up and running again in Hawaii - so please be patient as we make this transition).

I know this may cause grief for some of you.  I am so sorry!  But I hope this transition is as painless as possible.

If you need items from us for an event during our closing time (like girls camp or youth conference), PLEASE ORDER THOSE ITEMS NOW! Any orders received BEFORE May 18, will ship before we start packing up.

While we are in Hawaii we need to streamline what we sell. Due to space and shipping costs for us, we will be discontinuing several of our products - many of which we have sold for years, but can no longer, logistically, ship them from Hawaii (like our socks, drawstring backpacks, etc).  If we have current stock of these products, they are now on CLEARANCE on our website.  You can visit our clearance page HERE.

If you have any questions, we will have access to email during this entire time.
Please email us:


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