The Roles of Men and Women

I have had this on my mind a lot lately.  The roles of men and women.

*Before we dive into this, you need to know that I do not think women need to stay home baking all day, cleaning house all day, having 15 children and homeschooling them all, or having a perfectly presented meal ready for her husband when he returns home from work.  This is not the 60s. The roles of men and women go way beyond this preconceived notion.**

In today's society, power struggles, "equal rights", gender equality, and the list goes on... has a lot of people confused about the roles that men and women play in this world. Why are we trying to change the way this world runs? Men and women each play a very distinct and important role in this world, both of which are very different. Why are we trying to disrupt the human race and how it functions? It's been functioning just fine for thousands of years.  Why, in today's society, do we think we need to change that? When women know who they truly are, the world is a better place. Women - be proud of who you are and what you represent. Be proud of your natural role in the world and embrace it to the core. I wish all women knew that at the end, when it comes down to it your greatest achievements in this life will be your family and your relationship with God. You have more power and influence than you know, especially in your home and family, by embracing womanhood!

Just a thought to apply to your life: fair does not always mean equal. One simple, easy to understand example: Is it unfair that the boys bathroom usually has less stalls than a women's bathroom?  You never see men picketing a store for more bathroom stalls. This is the case because, by NATURE, men don't need as many stalls as women. We all know why this is. This may be a lame example, but you see my point. Fair does not always mean equal.

Have you noticed the destruction of society, in general, the past 10 years? So many confused individuals & identities. Have you noticed that it's mainly the destruction of the family unit, gender roles, and gender in general? Why do you think this is happening? Satan is real. Satan does not have a body.  Satan was not allowed to come to earth to obtain a body and partake of all the blessings that come from having a body - two of which are marriage and family. Do you realize that roughly 45%-50% of marriages end in divorce? Why do you think this is?  What has changed? I am not going to go into this topic - that's a whole other post in and of itself. But if you look deeply into divorces, you would find that many gender roles were forgotten, abused or misused.

Why the harsh gender identity issues? Why do women think they can't allow a guy to help them? Why do women think they need to march to announce to every one that they are women? And I must add, that the women at these marches are not women I want representing me, or any woman I know.  They are so crude in their language.  So unwomanly, so harsh, so "tough". 

So you may be asking - then why aren't you marching to prove your point?  Because I do not have to prove anything to anyone. I have no need to force my opinions on a city, or on my government leaders. I do not have to show I am a woman by disruptive, crude, slandering behaviors. My power of being a woman does not come from being vocal and outright crude.  My power of being a woman comes from inner strength, meekness, kindness, cleanliness in speech and appearance, compassion, decency, high moral standards, soft spoken language, being proper in my etiquette, etc. This is what womanhood is about. 

Recently in a church youth group, there was a discussion about an activity to have the young men (ages 12-18) teach the young women (ages 12-18) a skill, and in turn, the young women would teach the young men a skill.  The discussion was to have the young men teach the young women basic car repair.  And the young women would teach the young men a cooking skill. Well, before it even got off the ground, so many women asked why the girls couldn't teach this to themselves?  Why did they need the young men to do it?  Seriously? Have we lost all basic human man and woman roles that  women can't even accept help from a guy, helping him fulfill his natural role of a man??

I love my husband because he is physically strong, he has facial hair, he treats women with respect, he's dependable, he's passionate, he's smart, he's religious, he's faithful to me, he's honest, he is my best friend. These naturally manly qualities is what attracted me to him - and still does.  They don't lessen who I am or what I can do.  They strengthen me. Naturally he can do things that I can't.  He's naturally stronger than me.  He is naturally faster than me.  He does things for our family that I can't - or simply do not want or feel comfortable doing - like change the oil in the car, climb up on the roof to hang the Christmas lights, figures out why the lawn mower won't start.  He fixes the toilet when it won't flush right. He installs a new faucet. He steps up and works and provides for our family.

Why is this a bad thing? I embrace the different roles of myself and my husband.

Have you noticed that it is mainly women who make an uproar about gender equality?  Why women, why? Remember fair does not always mean equal.

Can you imagine if men were marching around Washington DC? What would be their purpose?  What would their "attire" look like?

By nature, women are more compassionate.  Men are more tough.  This isn't a bad thing.  We as women give birth to our children.  We nurture them.  This is a natural emotion in women, men have it too, but it is so much stronger in women. Men are naturally strong, so naturally they do the harder, physical work.  THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH THIS.

Why do women think they need to be equals with men ON EVERYTHING? I'm sorry to burst your bubble ladies, but this will never happen, because God made us different than men on purpose.  He needed compassionate individuals on earth. Women are naturally the nurturers. We should be focusing on nurturing others, teaching our children, creating a home that is safe and inviting, and loving our husbands.

I absolutely love a talk that was given by Julie B Beck back in October 2007.  It's entitled Mothers Who Know.   How powerful would it be if we made a few changes - and changed the word Mothers to Women.

My bullet points would be to all women:
Women who know: Bear and tenderly care for children, and their husbands
Women who know: Honor promises and womanhood
Women who know: Nurture their marriage
Women who know: Are leaders of righteous womanhood traits
Women who know: Are, by example, teachers of meekness, humbleness, and compassion
Women who know: Do less for themselves and more for others
Women who know: Stand up for womanhood and the tenderness it needs to be

The roles of men and women are unique and awesome! Stand firm against social pressure and embrace your role as women.  And allow men the same privilege in their roles.


Love Everyday

My new saying, focus, motto.

Love ______ Everyday.  You fill in the blank.

Some words I have filled it in with are:
Your selfie
Your body
Your spouse
Scripture reading
Your calling
Your job
Your world
Your children
Your siblings
Your friends
Your sleep
Your exercise
Being outdoors
Your routine

This LOVE EVERYDAY is a human thing.  Love your spouse. Love your children. Love your job. Love your life.

I believe love is the universal secret to happiness.


I love what Ralph Waldo Emerson said: "For every minute you are angry, you lose sixty seconds of happiness."

So - LOVE.  LOVE EVERYDAY. It is what will bring you happiness.

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