2017 PDF of Come, Follow Me Lessons

For those needing a printable version of the Come, Follow Me lessons each month there is a place to download them - it is on this page CLICK HERE - click the download icon, then click on PDF. Surprisingly, not many people know about this feature (it is also available on the YM page).

The Church does update the lesson resource pages often if there is a new video produced or new talks added. So it would be smart to peek online now and then to see if there is anything new, but this is a good resource to have printed if you like printed materials (like I do). And teaching from what is in this download will not steer you away from the lessons - just peek online occasionally if you like new materials now and then.

The link and the file available when you click to download is currently the 2017 lesson guides - **THIS CAN CHANGE AT ANY TIME**. Please be aware that this link may change, be updated, etc at any time. But as of the date of this blog post, when you click this download link and click on PDF it is the 2017 lesson outlines (the topics each month, and the topics to choose from each month with the teaching information).

Please note: I have saved the PDF of this, so if anyone is needing it (if it is no longer on the website, feel free to contact me - ) and let me know.

2018 Mutual Theme Items on CLEARANCE

Some of our 2018 Mutual Theme items are now on CLEARANCE!!  This means you get substantial savings off the regular prices. What could be better!?  Shop now for girls camp, youth conference, temple trips, retreats, and even for Young Women in Excellence!  Shop now to reap the rewards of clearance pricing!!  Supplies are limited, so shop now and save!!

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Some items on clearance are:

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Transferring your Google Maps saved locations to a new account

Some time ago an email address got added to my Google account that wasn't mine.  Same password - just a weird email address that I didn't create (I honestly think it was one of my kids who created it because it had their name in it - but they REFUSE to admit they created it). And to top it all off, some how it was made to be the main email address on my Google account, so I couldn't change or delete it in the account without deleting the entire account.  I would just add my new account to this one, but I do not want this weird email address linked to any of my accounts any more. I'm done with it!

This above mentioned Google account was the account I used for my Google Maps account for years.  All my saved places I have ever visited or want to visit was saved in this account on Google Maps. So I love this map!  If ever we are traveling, I just pull out this map and there are numerous places to visit, restaurants to eat at, or things to see.  I never travel without it. I basically save my travel wish list into this map.

Long story short - I now have a new Google account, but now my new map is blank.  All the starred (saved) places are on the other map. I would really love to have all these places saved in my new Google Maps with my new account.

Well, I have been searching for years on how to transfer this information.  To no avail.  I have read so many articles, blog posts, tech support forums on how to do this.  You can export this information, but there is no way to simply import it into a new account. I am not sure why Google - such a brilliant, technologically advanced company - can't create a way to do this. Or can't see that the time is NOW to allow main emails to be updated to your current account.

But today - I FOUND A WAY!! It is not perfect, but all my starred places are there in my new map.

Here's how to do it:
(I originally found this information HERE (!topic/maps/FX5KWo0Nr1g ). Just so you know -  I in no way - figured this out on my own.  The smart Carlos did. But below is my explanation of it, with more detailed instructions.  And I don't know if this forum - this originally came from into my brain - will ever get rid of this information and I want it here so I can refer back to it again if needed).

These instructions are strictly for GOOGLE MAPS. Other Google apps can be backed up on this page, but this is how you do Maps.

1. Back up MAPS (Your Places). Go to THIS SITE to do that - it's called TakeOut by Google. ( ).  Hit SELECT NONE so it deselects all of them, then scroll down and only click MAPS (Your Places). It will save it in JSON format. Depending on your computer - the way you do the following will differ: Open the file and either "extract" it or "unzip" it.  Save this file onto your desktop (or whatever folder you will remember where it is at).
 2. Now go to THIS website ( ). Load your file in - it will convert the JSON file to KML file. You need this file type (KML) to load your data into your new Google Maps account.

3. Log out of your OLD Google account and log into your NEW Google account.
a. Go to Google Maps.
b. By the search text box there are 3 horizontal lines. This is your menu - click on them.
c. Click on Your Places
d. Click on Maps
e. At the bottom click on CREATE MAP
f. The Untitled Layer box is checked.  Click on those words and rename your new map.
g. Click on Import.  Load in your KML file (from step #2) from your backup (from step #1).

4.  Once you've done that, your starred places should appear in this new map in your new account.  However - there is one HICCUP.  It no longer shows them as stars.  It shows them with the marker symbol (at least it did on mine). And when you click on them it doesn't take you to the information about it.  BUT - all your locations are there.  To get to the great information about a location that Google Maps is known for, I simply click in the search bar where the name of the place appears (making sure the name stays there) and hit search again to get the information that is normally there on Google Maps.

This is not a perfect solution to transferring Google Maps places into a new account, but it does help tremendously! I am patiently waiting for Google to simply allow me to change my main email address - this is simply all that is needed in order to get all your information into a new account.  But until that happens, I hope this helps you!

***The information, links, terminology, buttons to click on and their locations on any given page were current as of when this post was made (Feb 2018).  Links may change, locations of buttons, etc may change over time.***


Young Women Binder Covers

Here are some cute binder covers for your Young Women Class Presidency Binders.  Adorable!
CLICK HERE (via our other YW blog - LDS-YW).

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