2017 PDF of Come, Follow Me Lessons

For those needing a printable version of the Come, Follow Me lessons each month there is a place to download them - it is on this page CLICK HERE - click the download icon, then click on PDF. Surprisingly, not many people know about this feature (it is also available on the YM page).

The Church does update the lesson resource pages often if there is a new video produced or new talks added. So it would be smart to peek online now and then to see if there is anything new, but this is a good resource to have printed if you like printed materials (like I do). And teaching from what is in this download will not steer you away from the lessons - just peek online occasionally if you like new materials now and then.

The link and the file available when you click to download is currently the 2017 lesson guides - **THIS CAN CHANGE AT ANY TIME**. Please be aware that this link may change, be updated, etc at any time. But as of the date of this blog post, when you click this download link and click on PDF it is the 2017 lesson outlines (the topics each month, and the topics to choose from each month with the teaching information).

Please note: I have saved the PDF of this, so if anyone is needing it (if it is no longer on the website, feel free to contact me - ) and let me know.

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