YW Value Colored Family Proclamation

Here is a fun activity!  Value color the Family Proclamation.  This activity can help personalize the Proclamation, help it to be better understood, and help understand the values better. This can also be used as part of a Sunday lesson on families.

**Another option for this - is to highlight the copy of the Proclamation that is in their Personal Progress books (pg 101).  If you do decide to do this one, I would recommend erasable colored pencils and to instruct your YW to LIGHTLY highlight the words - so it is still pretty in their books.

This activity is PERFECT for Girls Camp because of the minimal mess and supplies needed - and it's pretty darn cheap.  Especially great for a rainy day activity.

In Personal Progress - the following Value Experiences involve The Family Proclamation - which you could incorporate into this activity:
~Faith #2 (pg 14)
~Divine Nature #1 & #2 (pg 22)
~Divine Nature Value Project bullet #3 (pg 26)
~Integrity #7 (pg 64)
~Virtue #1 (pg 70)

Included in the file is a copy of the value colored proclamation shown above, and a black & white copy.
The value colored one can be used as a guide to color your own, or you can simply print it out and display it.
The black & white one can be printed out so you can value color it yourself.


Feel free to find other phrases that pertain to any value.  If you'd like to share what you highlighted for the values (if different than ours), comment below to share with others.**

**In the one already colored, the virtue phrases are highlighted in a lighter orange than the C&A phrase.

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